Thursday, July 12, 2012

Upcoming cosmetics I'm super psyched about

Yes, this has nothing to do with polish, but I wanted to share some cool cosmetics that I just can't wait for.

First, I just saw that Kat Von D will be putting out Lock-it foundation very soon at Sephora. I love her makeup! The eyeshadow's are amazing. Just as good as M.A.C. anLaser Limed a great price for high end makeup. I've used the concealer, mascara and eyeliner (pencil and felt tip) and all are great products. the only thing I have ever purchased and didn't really love was a pack of 5 or 6 mini glosses a couple year ago, and they didn't have great staying power and kinda made my lips itch.

check it out here.

Second, M.A.C. is getting together with Archie comics for a Spring 2013 line!! Super yay! I always loved these comics when I was a kid Veronica  was always my fav. She's so bad-ass;)) No pictures released yet on colors but I'm sure it will be awesome color and designs. Why Archie you ask? Looks like Glee is hooking up with the comic line. Should prove to be very interesting.

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