Sunday, June 24, 2012

Major blog sale!

Hello lovely readers. It's sad to say, but it's time for me to have a blog sale. I am running over with polishes. It's gettn' crazy over here. Over the next couple of weeks I will have tons of polishes posted. Ranging from a couple HTF to some ones to franken with. I hpe you all will pass this to your friends, and find some gems for your collection. Give me a couple days and I'll have some  posted.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Huge Sally Haul

Hello lovlies. I made dropped by Sally today to check out the sale on Manic Panic (btw, it's $2 off) and noticed a huge amount of clearance in the front of the store. I spotted the dark green CG magnetix and a couple Finger Paints sets and decided to pass. But When I was walking out I noticed all the older collections were no longer were on display and they only had out the Summer neon's and glitter crackle CG lines. I peeked into the bins in the front and hit the mother load! I found a bunch of Colors from the Capital line along with  a couple from the Metro collection and Prismatic! I ended up grabbing 6 of the CC colors that I didn't have. Also grabbed  all 4 colors from the Dark Shadows collection from Orly  and Faint of Heart from the Cool Romance collection. They didn't have any stickers on them so I braced myself for a $4.99 price tag and having to put all of them back. I asked the clerk at the counter how much they were and was told $1.50 for the CG ones and $2.00 for the Orly. Sold!!!!! I ended up getting 11 polishes for only $20 and some change. I was hoping to find some of the Electopop colors but there were none left. I texted my sister in who lives in another city for her check on some colors. Keeping my fingers crossed that they have them and are $1.50. Go tomorrow if you can before all are snatched up.

Grave Mistake (more of a dark red)
Mysterious Curse
Buried Alive
Decades of Dysfunction
Faint of Heart
Harvest Moon
Hook and line
Dress me Up
Fast Track

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cg Jamican Out

Hey guys. It's been a long week and a half. Super busy and super sick:( Just wanted to post this pic before I headed to go pass out.

I have China Glaze Jamaican Out with black cheetah stamps. I bought this color by accident. I can't remember what I thought I picked up and then realized I had bought this instead until I got home. It's been sitting in the polish bin for at least a year. But after trying it, I love it. It has a cool color shift to it. Orange/ pink.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sinful Colors-Fly away

Hello there! I've been out of town for a couple days. My baby sister graduated high school Friday. Oh man, do I feel old. I was 19 when she was born and now she's 18 and out of school. Not to mention, my brother just turned 20. Time goes by way to quick!

Isn't she a beauty!? You know my hair was flat going to graduation, but after having to run a half a mile in a giant thunderstorm, it got it's puff back:(

Anyways, today I have a cool summer blue called Fly Away from Sinful Colors. I totally forgot it was pink Wednesday , but I think I can skip a few. I love this creme blue. You only need two costs, drying does take awhile which is frustrating but the color is just do pretty. I wanted to zazz it up do I used Shany plate Sh11 for my Zebra stripes. The white dud not come out as bright as I had hoped but I do like the subtle look as well.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Oh, thinking of doing a 20 follower giveaway soon. So please pass the word about my tiny little blog. Thanks:)

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

butter LONDON- The Black Knight.

Can you hear the choir of angels singing???? Well I did (and exclaimed "Holy Shit, you have to be kidding me" in the middle of Ulta) while I was just roaming around Ulta yesterday. I originally came in to see what I could pick up for a Queen Elizabeth mani for her diamond jubilee. That idea had me at the butter LONDON display. I looked through though the colors, and decided to pick up All Hail the Queen until I double checked the colors and saw the rare little beauty in the back. I couldn't believe it! This little guy has been sold out since December on the bL site and heaven knows I will not pay $25 and up for it on ebay. I wonder if Ulta will be carrying this in regular stock now since it was such a good seller. I rushed home and applied it immediately. So beautiful. The multi glitter is sooooo pretty. I keep finding myself just staring at it in the sun. If you missed the dressing table duo at Christmas time, check your local Ulta (or the just started carrying it too ).

Sinful Colors- San Francisco

When I first picked this up a couple years ago, I thought it was black in the store. I get it home, and it's a nice dark green. Cool thing about this is that it's build-able. One coat is nice and sheer with a tad bit of shimmer, add another coat for a light/medium green and with three coats you get a nice medium green. In the picture I used three. Please forgive my gnarly nails. My cuticles are in a disgusting state at the moment and I added some gels tips today also and looks I got some wonky bubble action. My <3 belongs to San Francisco now:)