Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never know what you'll find

Just a quick post. I was running some errands today and decided to slid by T.J. MAXX to see if they got any new polish in. Not much was there but I did see more duo packs. This time from OPI. Holiday packaging but the colors were from the Shrek collection. I already have them all ( thinking of what I went through to get them and now finding them here kinda irks me:() Wanted to give a shout out to those who may be searching . $7.99 for 2. I paid at least that er bottle. Never under estimate discount stores. They are a treasure trove of goodies sometimes. I have found OPI dous, Nicole duos and Color Club sets for cheap! Next time you are by one, check it out:)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sally hansen Salon Effects-Halloween:)

I love Halloween! The awesome decorations, dressing up, CANDY! And of course the wicked nail colors that come out. Thank you Sally Hansen for bringing Salon Effects into our lives. Now, the insanely popular line has introduced Halloween colors. I spotted them at Ulta yesterday. CVS, Walgreens and other nationwide retailers should have them soon as well. I'll probably wait until I can grab them on a buy 1 get 1 1/2 deal. Prices range $9.00-$10.99 and only take minutes to get amazing holiday nails!:) As soon as I pick one up, I'll post pics.
Numbskull, Hot Wired, Ghoulie Girl, Wishnets, and Spun for you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nicole by OPI haul

I have a new polish pick up spot now. TJ Maxx! Who would have thought. I stopped by to kill some time waiting for a friend the other week and spotted a Nicole duo pack. For $6.99, why not. I turned the corner and spotted a bunch more. After standing in the store and trying to talk myself out of buying them all, I failed and ended up getting them all:) They were a mixture of the matte collection and Gossip Girl line. If you have a TJ Maxx or Ross  in your area, check them out. Each pack is $6.99. It;s like but one get one free:)

Scandel Secrets &Sparkle

To Rich For You

Party in the Penthouse


Wild Blue Yonder-matte

Respect the World-matte

No Limits-matte

Positive Energy- matte


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wet n' Wild haul

Of course every time I'm in CVS, I have to check out the polish. I almost missed this new batch. They have it in it's regular Wet n' Wild endcap. Not sure when they were released but they ate definitely the new fall line. I grabbed all the colors except the black. I do love their fast dry blacks. Ebony Hates Chris is just awesome. Some seem like they could be dupes from last falls CG lines and the TV theme fast dry line. Regardless, for $1.99 a bottle, it's well worth it. The fast dry has a much better quality compared to the regular W n W polishes. Perfect for the polish girl/boy on a budget.

Tangled in My Web

Correction Tape

Behind Closed Doors <3

Cougar Attack

Ready to Pounce <3

Jungle Fever

Buy Me a Drink <3

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Big Ulta/Sally haul

This is why I'm broke lol! I had some time to kill before work Friday and decided to hit Sally and Ulta up to see if they had anything new. It's been a bit dry lately. But lucky me Sally finally got in the China Glaze Metro collection. I skipped on some of the colors, not really my thing ( yellow and green). The reds and purple are really more me. I headed on down to Ulta. Like usual it was looking pretty sad. I was about to walk out and happened to look down and I saw the new China Glaze Halloween collection! Yay! I had to snatch it up. Passed on the crackle. Lord knows, I don't need anymore of that :) The pictures aren't so great. My camera has been dead, so I've been taking with my iPhone.

China Glaze Metro--

Urban-Night <3

Concrete-Catwalk <3

Loft-y Ambitions <3

City Siren. ( a bit darker than in pic)

Midtown Magic <3

CG in the City

Over Concrete Catwalk

Ulta Grabs--

It's Alive ( fine and chunky glitter. Really quite cool)<3

Haunting <3

Crimson ( really nice deep plum)<3

Near Dark
( deep deep green) <3

Ghoulish Glow
(tried to take a glow pic. Didn't come out to great. The color is very sheer even with two coats. Does glow bright after light exposure) <3

OPI mini spookettes. (L to R) He's my Boo, Mummy knows Best, I Only Date Werewolves, and Zom-Body to Love ( glow)

He's My Boo

Zom-Body to Love
( same as CG glow but does go on darker)
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