Friday, July 13, 2012

Blood splatter mani

Happy Friday 13 everyone. Yet again, no Jason movies in tv, sad face. But never fever dear readers, I have my very first splatter mani in honor of this "spooky" day. Next time I will remember to wrap my fingers with tape. Boy I made a mess. But I was really simple. I used OPI Mummy Knows Best from the 2011 spookettes minis and Orly Grave Mistake from the Dark Shadows line. I coveted my work area with wax paper and used a old Burger King straw from my drink from earlier ( glad I stopped by). I tried dipping the straw in a couple dots of polish, but I had no luck. Instead I dipped the straw in the bottle. Be careful not to dip to far in or you will just cover your nail in the color. I would blow lightly to get the "extra" out then blow on the nail. I've had soapy reactions to this manicure today. One lady was like ,"Oh my god! Looks like you murdered somebody with your nails!" Sweet! Just what I was going for. Have you tried the splatter mani? What are your best practices?

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