Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mariah Carey- liquid sand minis

I was able to pick up the 4 piece set at Ulta a couple weeks ago before them completely disappeared. I'm not ti crazy about the Mariah collection but the liquid sand ones looked pretty cool. I'm pretty sure they are going to be a real pain to remove though. The colors are pretty and I love the gritty texture. Hope OPI puts a couple more colors this year. A white would be awesome!

The Impossible

Can't Let Go

Get Your Number

Stay the Night

Friday, January 25, 2013

Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox

Hello, hello! I just wanted to do a quick recap of super awesome Holiday 2012 VoxBox from Influenster. Before I start, just a reminder. Influenster is FREE. You never need to pay for a thing! But to become a member, you need an invite. I still have 3 left, so please feel free to email me at if you're really interested.

I've only been a member since October 2012, and not crazy active but I do manage to do reviews about 3 times every two weeks. I'm so stoked to see the VoxBox questioners in my emails! After filling 3 out for different ones, I finally qualified for the Holiday 2012 VoxBox. Shipping was pretty fast. It arrived on Christmas Eve which is to great. I'm pretty happy with most of the items with the exception of 2. I put a quick recap on my feelings for all the items below.

Quaker Real Medlys- Yummy, filling, full of fruit chunks.- A

EBoost energy- Gritty, receive no energy, pink lemonade was kinda yuck tasting- F

Goody Quick Style brush- helps hair dry faster, great for helping keeping grizzly down- A

Kiss Nail Dress- easy application and removable, Fun! , more affordable then Sally Hansen AS- A

NYC Liquid lip Shine- smooth, long lasting, sheer color- A

Sole Society- Use INFLENSTER25 to take off $25 on your next purchase- AA

Monday, January 21, 2013

Holiday VoxBox- EBoost

The last product I received from my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox was a EBoost natural energy packet in pink lemon aide flavor. I did not like this product. It's a packet of powder you pour into your water bottle, let dissolve , then enjoy with the added promise of energy from natural ingredients. No, no, and no. I poured in my packet into the water and let it dissolve, for 30 minutes! It was still gritty tasting and it wasn't much of a pink lemonade flavor. I drink it anyway, and I felt no different. No boost of energy at all!! I was really let down by this product, I'd like to see a liquid form or a change to the powder formula and I may try it again.

Goody Quick Style paddle brush

Another product included in my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox was the Goody Quick Style paddle brush. I wasn't to sure about this product. I don't normally use paddle brushes now that hair is so short but for reviews purposes, I tried it out. Goody claims by using the quick style brush on wet hair, you remove 30% of water. Now I can't say how much it actually takes out, but my hair is Re-crazy thick and it really helped get out a good amount of water. I used it for a straight look blowout and it seemed to help with frizz which is amazing! My hair dries quicker and feels softer. I also like using it as a regular brush to help smooth my hair from frizz too. Drying the brush is really easy. All you need to do is blast some hot air through the vented sides and in no time it's dry. My little sister just borrowed it and now I believe Im not getting it back lol. She has long thick hair and it really helped her drying time and blow out. I'll probably pick up the barrel brush which is better for my styling needs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quaker Real Medleys

Another amazing item I received in my Holiday 2012 VoxBox from Influenster. I'm a big oatmeal fan in the first place but these Quaker Real Medleys are amazing! The flavor I received was Summer Berry. It's a great item to have for a quick breakfast or healthy snack. Add water, pop in the microwave for about 2 minutes, stir and let cool and Wha Laa!! Delicious treat! Quaker did not skip on quality. The oats are really hearty and the fruit pieces are big and plump. One cup is very filling. The next day I went to Kroger and grabbed a bunch more including another flavor, Apple Walnut. So Delicious! Theres 4 different flavors available. Apple walnut, Summer Berry, Peach Almond, and Cherry Pistachio. The only drawback is the price. They run about $1.35 a cup and sometimes you can get them for 3 for $5. For the quality you receive for the product, it's worth the price.

NYC Liquid Lip Shine

Yea, not about polish but I need to share my love for this great product:) I got a tube of the New York Color Liquid Lip Shine in New York Nude in my Holiday 2012 VoxBox from Influenster. I am a lipgloss junkie, almost more than polish. Like many of us, I get let down with promises of non-sticky, moisturizing, long lasting gloss. Not this time! NYC liquid lip shine goes on smooth, stays on long and makes my lips feel great! The nude is a nice sheer nude, which I prefer to use on a daily basis but they do have many other colors to choose from. A little goes a long way too. I was just out and spotted them in stores and the price is great. Average is about $2.50. Wow! Quality and a great price. Yes please! Oh, not to mention, it has a light coconut sent. Yummy! I think Im going to pick a couple other shades. This is a winner.

Kiss Nails Nail Dress-Babydoll

Happy Sunday guys! Today on the blog I have Kiss Nails Nail Dress in Babydoll. I received a pack of these in my Influenster Holiday 2011 VoxBox. I have seen them at many stores and really liked the designs they offer. I was excited to see these in the VoxBox. I really like the line. The idea is similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects but the Kiss Nail Dress have a lot of designs with "rhinestones" in them which helps to really jazz up your nails! I think the application and removal was sooooo much easier too. The nail stickers come on a sheet. I like to cut them out to make choosing the size easier. After you choose your size, just peel and apply to your nail. Fold over your excess, and file off. When I removed mine, I just peeled them off. So much better than the SH SE. Having to fight with the little plastic overlay then having to soak them forever to remove. Nail Dress strips last a long too. I wore mine for about a week, and had to no chipping or peeling. PLUS, they are cheaper than the SH SE. Nail Dress runs about $6.99 SH SE runs about $8.99-$10.99. The only con to the Nail dress, is that the stickers are shorter than the SE. Those of you that have really long nails may have to double up. I did just Babydoll on clearance at Walgreens for $3.50 yesterday. Perfect time to pick them up and Try them out. All in all Kiss Nail Dress are a 9 out of 10. I'll be using these more the the SG SE for sure.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Color Club Winter Affair- Glitter Wonderland

OMG!!!! Glitter Wonderland is by far my new favorite purple! Glitter Wonderland is part of the Color Club Winter affair scented collection sold by Sally Beauty. It does remind me of a "fancier" version of China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon). GW is a heavenly plum purple shimmer with mixed in blue and pink micro glitter. I'm so mesmerized by it. The purple is a bright plum if that makes any sense. So pretty! I can't seem to figure out what the scent
Is but to me (after sniffing my nails for 10 mins) it seems to be a huckleberry scent which is soooo yummy. Sorry about the pictures. My laptop is now dead so I can only take pictures with my phone:((

(cloudy) daylight


another indoor

left- Glitter Wonderland right- Flying Dragon (neon)

left- GW right- FD

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Color Club Winter Affair-Winter Affair

I have to say that CC Winter Affair has become one of my favorite golds ever. This is from the haul I picked up at Sally's the other day, I almost didn't buy it because it was gold. I only changed my mind because 1, it's was only $2 and 2, I really needed a thick gold for stamping. This is so beautiful and rich. Plus not to mention it smells like vanilla! The formula is nice for the collection but you do have to apply a couple of coats to get the desired coverage. I wore this shade for 3 days and it was fabulous! No chipping and you can still smell the vanilla. I'm sure loss prevention was wondering what I was doing because I kept smelling my nails and making other smell them:))) I hope the others are just as nice.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sally Holiday Haul

Oh boy do I loooovvvvveee clearance sales especially if its polish. The other day I popped into Sally yo pick up dome bleach and Manic Panic (yep taking the jump back to red soon) and I saw the beautiful 50% off holiday polish rack. Sadly, the Orly sets were gone a few of the China Glaze but out of the 3 CGsets left I picked one and Color Club Winter Affair mini set. Along with those I grabbed the remaining full size Color Club WA bottles. Winter Affair, Gift of Sparkle and Glitter Wonderland. $15 for all of this. What a steal! All of the Winter Affair polishes smell amazing!! Remember, only the Sally ones are scented, not ones sold anywhere else. I believe the sale is still going, so get there before its all gone!

red- Bright and Berry - berry scented
 gold- Winter Affair- vanilla scented
green- Ho- Ho Holly- holly scented
 blue- Gift of Sparkle- not sure lol,it's very light and holiday:)
purple- Glitter Wonderland- to me, a sweet berry

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modern Family polish collection

I'm super excited for the new Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection! I read a article about it early last week and was surprised honestly. At first I laughed, but of course being a big fan of the show and a huge nail polish nerd, I knew I needed this collection. Somewhat lucky for me, I visited my local Target the next day to pick up some things and there I saw the display. I quickly ran to it and stared snapping away. I only bought 3 colors that really grabbed me and I knew they sell out quick. Candid Cameron, Back in My Gloria Days..., and A Phil's Paradise. Sadly, my Target assent carrying all the coalescing I'm sure we will see these popping up soon at local department and drug stores. Target is selling these for $7.04 , which saves you a little verses the normal $7.99. Which colors are you super excited for???

Am I Making Myself Claire?

I Do De- Claire!

Haley Good Lookin'

Basking in Gloria

Luke of the Draw

A Phil' s Paradise

Candid Cameron

Back in My Gloria Days.....

What's The Mitch-uation?
Ones not being carried at my local Target-

She's Lily Something

My Jay or the Highway

Alex By the Books

Stand By Your Manny

A Like- Haley Story

Friday, January 4, 2013

Selena Gomez collection

Spotted the new Selena Gomez line at Wal-Mart about a week ago. Surprisingly, it was full and not trashed yet. The collection is spring and cheerful! Really a great way to get ready for some warm weather. I ended up picking up a couple of the glitters to start off with. They are so cute! I wouldn't wait on this collection. You all know how Wal-Mart collections get. Sold out, stolen or ruined in about a week. They are selling them for $7.00.

Stars at Night

Confetti Fun

Sweet Dreams

Inner Sparkle

Mi Fantasia

Heavenly Angel

Kissed at Midnight

Hit the Lights

Spring Break



Love Song

Pretty in Plum