Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sephora chic prints by OPI

I picked these up a couple months ago off the clearance tack and though I'd give them a try. I love nail design stickers and I've used the Sephora ones before so I had high hopes for the OPI line. They normally run $12-$15. I paid $7 for these. I really love the design and they are so shiny. But that's about the only thing I liked. Application is a bit of s pain. You have to rub the nail sticker on the sheet then peel it off and apply. They don't lay we'll on the nail and you end up getting bubbles and creases. The sizing could be better too. Not everyone has perfect sized nails. Some of mine are wide and some are smaller. So, some have some hangover and others don't cover the whole nail. I'll probably just peel these off and paint them this weekend. Wish the quality was better. From now on, I'm sticking with the SH line.

 EDIT 2/18- I had sooooo many compliments today on these. At least 10 people. Men, women, kids. My least favorite nail stickers and I get the most comments. Too funny:)

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OPI The Amazing Spiderman

Holy crap OPI! A cool movie collection. Due out this May, it's a 7 piece collection which includes a new dark green shatter. Most seem to be "regular" colors with the exception of Just Spotted the Lizard. Looks like a neat duo chrome. I'm surprised and a bit disappointed not to see a red. It's Spiderman OPI, come on. The movie is due out June 6th and will hopefully be worth the $12:) I have mixed feelings on it after seeing the trailer. I can say I did like the previous films. It can sometimes be hard to adjust to new faces once you've gotten used to others. Back to the polish!:) So, no red but the other colors are pretty cute. So far I think I'll probably only pick up Just Spotted the Lizard,  You're Web or Mine, and of course the green shatter. Can't wait for real swatches. Into the Night looks interesting but could be a dupe of a core color (which seems to happen to often these days).  Maybe one day we will get a Batman collection or even better a Marvel collection!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I picked these up a couple months ago in Walmart and just couldn't wait to use them for Valentines. These are are callef Love Letters. I reslly csnt trll what they say accept love lol. Of course, they don't show as well on my nails as they would on longer ones, but it's still a cute effect. I like these because they a different and have a quaint charm to them:) I wish the line was a little cheaper, but they are worth the $9.99. I missed the clearance Christmas ones at Target. Maybe you will get lucky and find a rouge on at your local store. These are so easy to apply and last at least 2 weeks( a little less for someone like myself who abuses her nails at work).

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