Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Rock of Ages, Wet n Wild Chrome and many more

I was on my weekly drugstore cruise and spotted soooooo much good stuff at my nearest CVS and the Rite Aid across town. Sad to say not many great sales though. Hoping I can pick up some coupons or that there will be better on next week. On to the pictures. Warning- it's super picture heavy!

Sally Hansen salon effects  Rock of Ages- $10.49 AND NOW bogo 50% at CVS

Sally Hansen salon effects pedicure-$9.99 and part of bogo 50% at CVS


Strike a Posie


Snake, Rattle and Roll

Pink Boa

Rite Aid finds-

  Avril Lavigne LE Sally Hansen salon Effects-

these are supposed to be a rainbow leopard print, but both boxes display were only and blue green color.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T.J. Maxx polish deals

I was just wasting time the other day a dropped T.J. Maxx to check out any polish they may have received. Lucky me, they had a ton. They had OPI Texas little shooters for $7.99, a Essie 4
pack. Wedding colors for $9.99 and a TON of Nicole duo's. Usually the duo's are from collections and these were from the Justin Bieber line for $7.99. I'm not a Bieber fan , even though Baby is one infectious song, but his line so neat. They had some from the US line but mainly from the exclusive Canada line. The ones I remover off hand are Somebody Teal Love, Canadian Star, I Pink I Love Him, My Favorite Gold, Denim to Earth, Fuchsia Wife, and Top of My World. The US ones were Make you Smile,one of my favorites Me + Blue , One Time Lime andPrized Possession Purple, another favorite. I really hope they still have them when payday rolls around. Always drop by your local discount stores, never know what you will find:) Oh, couldnt get to many pictures, the employees were looking at me like I was crazy.

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My awesome 2.99 nails

I've given up on having beautiful natural nails for the moment and I can't afford to drop $25 plus at the salon for fake nails, do my new alternative is glue on nails. I never had much luck with these in the past but after picking up a pack of Revlon Zoe nails during the CVS clearance sale, I decided to give them another try. I'm really tough on nails and these suckers last for at least a week before losing one. I ran out last week and dropped by CVS when I visited my family to grab another pack. Sadly ( but not surprised) , no more clearance ones. I did spot a couple packs at a random CVS mixed in with the regular stock so keep an eye out for Zoe and you might grab a deal. I really liked the Revlon but they are $9.99 a pack. It's not much, but money was kind of tight. I scanned my CVS card to see if I had coupons , and it spit out 2 beauty coupons. One for $2 off any Fingers or Revlon nails and a $5 extra care coupon. You get a $5 EC coupon for every $50 beauty purchase if you are a beauty club member ( maybe if if you aren't one either but it's still free. You can sign up online or in store) I asked the clerk if I could use both and she said yes. Yay! I ended up grabbing Audrey since they are the short length. $2.99 what a deal! My only complaint was that the glue included was dried up but luckily my brother had some super glue:) 10 minutes later, and a couple stuck together fingers, I have beautiful nails for only $2.99:) Well, minus nice cuticles. Really should have cleaned those up first. The pack includes 32 French tip style nails, plastic cuticle stick, nail file and glue. A great way to save some cash a have awesome nails.

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