Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Club magnetic polish

Yes, ladies here comes another company cashing in on the fast growing popularity of magnetic nail polish. At least it's a top of the line brand like Color Club. They are already at Color Sure to hit stores soon. Unlike the upcoming China Glaze line, they come with the magnet in the top like the Nails Inc. line. Also, many colors to choose from which is fun. I wonder what a water marble with these would turn out like!!! They are $12 each and of course limited edition. Grab them while you can. I'm really hoping sets will show up at Marshalls/T.J. Maxx/ Ross in the future. Nothing like paying $6.99 for a 6 piece set of Color Club:)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Updated Kardashion swatches

I'm giving my poor nails a break from constant swatches. Poor guys are all dried out from the acetone and winter. So nail wheels it is for now. I finally found Khole Had a Little Lam-Lam at Walmart the other day. It's such a beautiful deep teal. Probably the last of the kollection I'll pick up. Nothing else really grabs me. Anyways here they are:)
Kendal on the Katwalk (L) & Kholehad a Little Lam-Lam

Follow me on Glitter (L) & My Empire...My Rules

Nicki Minaji Swatches

Whooo Hoooo!! I finally got my set the other other night. I ordered them on ebay. Which I don't normally do that but with this collection, I knew it would sell out out in a second once it hits the shelves and, well.....I'm inpatient :) I ordered them on a Monday and got them on Wednesday. Here's a link to the seller if you are interested. HERE. I even saved money doing it this way. If you bought in store, you'd spend at least $54, going through the auction, you spend around $47. Pretty awesome. But I did see on Bloom that you can save 30% on your first purchase. Here's a link.30% off . On to the good stuff. I love, love, love this collection. The glitters are amazing! The cremes are so think and beautiful. Of course the shatter awesome. The best OPI celebrity collection yet. The colors are so spring and fun. If you only pick up one color, personally I think it should be Save Me. Micro silver glitter with multi holo bar glitter. It goes with any and every color and not a pain to remove like must other glitters:) The formula is great, smooth and dry time is decent. The shatter is a beautiful purple. Seems they have changed the formula a bit which is nice. It seems a little thinner rather than thick like the black that came out with the KP line. All in all, grab them up and get extra if you see it. It will sell out in a week probably:)

Save me and Metallic 4 Life with Super Bass Shatter

Fly and Pink Friday with SB Shatter

Did it on Em with SB Shatter

Did it on Em(left) next to Who the Shrek are you (right)

Fly, Pink Friday and Did it on Em with Save Me.

Metallic 4 Life, Fly and Pink Friday.

Friday the 13th mani

We always have Christmas or Halloween mani's, so why not Friday the 13th??:) I am in no way good at nail art. This is my first attempt. Really proud of the turn out. I used Pink Friday and Save Me from OPI's (freaking amazing) Nicki Minaji collection. Sally Hansen nail art pen in white, Fantasy Makers Red Rose and Black Rose , and a slanted eyeliner brush. Only took about 30 mins. So what do you think?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow mani

Just a quick post tonight. Suffering from a horrible head cold. In honor of our second snow of the year ( first one last 10 mins and melted in 30. This one at least lasted for 2 hours lol) I decided to do a snow mani. I chose CG Frostbite and Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe. The blue is crazy bright and goes really great with the glitter in SSG. One of my favorite glitter top costs. Anyways, happy snow days:)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 China Glaze Collections

Wow! There are sooooo many awesome collections being released by China Glaze this year. I can't wait to see the fall/winter collections. China Glaze really is one of my favorite brands. OPI does come out with celeb lines and sometime unique colors but CG really brings puts out some really cool stuff. These collections are for spring/summer 2012 and will be released at your local beauty sellers (Sally, Ulta etc) and e-retailers(8ty8beauty,transdesign, etc) price range is $3.25-$10.00.

CG Hunger Games inspired line-
due out late Feb, early March

Glitter Crackle-
due out late feb, early march

Glam More, Gleam Me Up, Jade-d, &Luminous Lavender
due out late January.

Liquid Crystal
Optical Illusion
Full Spectrum
due out march 2010. Looks like the magnets are sold separatley   for another $10!
Summer Neons-

due out March

due out around May/June

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Wild n Wild megalast

I dropped by Walgreens the other night and spotted the new megalast line on a end cap hanger. Makes sense why CVS had them on clearance. The colors are the same as before with the exception of some spring colors. Also, the bottles are now .45 fl oz, not .30 fl oz and now have a new brush called a ManiCurve pro brush. It reminds me of the OPI brushes. I ended up grabbing 3 colors, I Need a Refresh-Mint, Bite the Bullet and On a Trip. I've always like this line. It's cheap, easy to find, tons of colors to choose from and last for a decent amount of time. Still $1.99, Wet n Wild is still proving you can be stylish on a budget with a quality product.

I Need a Refresh-Mint, On a Trip and Bite the Bullet.

I Need a Refresh-Mint

On a Trip

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Kardashion Kolors:)

My local Ulta has finally gotten these in, but I found these at Walmart. Lucky find before they got stolen. I've only picked up 3 colors so far. The only other one I really want is Khole had a little Lam-Lam. The 3 I picked up are, My Empire...My Rules, Kendall on the Katwalk, and Follow me on Glitter(in the middle of moving, that one got packed up already). My favorite out of the the 3 is Kendall on the Katwalk. Reminds me of the Justin Bieber's Me+Blue with the addition of green glitter. The formulas are great, and have a nice quick dry time. Somewhat unique colors in this kollection (:)) I might wait to see if they go on klearance (I can't help it) to pick up the rest. The Bieber line has gone to 4.99 on the Ulta website.
My Empire...My Rules, Kendal on the Katwalk
My Empire...My Rules. Unique mushroom grey.
Kendall on the Katwalk (blurry indoors)
outdoors. still cant capture the cool green and blue:(