Friday, July 13, 2012

Mini haul-Spolied, wet n wild, & Fergie

My Walgreens finally got in the new Fergie polishes. I'm still not to excited about the price tag though. $3.49 for WnW? Great price for decent polish but $1.99 should be the cap. Anyways, it's one reason why I only picked up one. Ended up grabbing the last bottle of Hollywood Walk of Fame. Multi star glitter, you can't go to wrong with that except the price tag. ( I'm just peeved about the new WnW prices). The Fergie line is pretty cool but I noticed two things. One bad, one good. Many colors seem like dupes of the Spolied line from WnW which are only $1.99. But, other colors seem to be dupes of higher end polishes which is nice if you missed out on a color or refuse to pay $12 a bottle. I'll revisit Fergie on another post though. I went across the street to CVS and picked up two Spolied colors. I needed something summery and fun so I ended up getting Jail Bait, a kickass neon orange and I Only Eat Salads, a mellow neon green ( if there's such a thing) . Also, all the .99 Wet n' Wild cosmetics are only .69 this week. What a deal! I only got one color in the Wild Shine line. I pretty much have the rest lol. A pretty med pink called Dreamy Poppy. Dreamy name huh?:) On a cosmetics note, I finally got the new Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation. Picked up a sample a couple weeks back and really liked it. Decided to get buff this time. Sample only came in nude and was a bit to light. If you're a CVS card member, check your email. You should have a 20% off coupon. Don't forget, keep tour receipt! If you don't like the cosmetics you buy you can get your money back. If you lose it, you still get a store credit which is great compRed to other stores. Love you CVS.

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