Friday, December 30, 2011

Valentine Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Spotted these cuties at one of my local CVS the other night. Super duper cute! I'm torn on which ones to pick up. If I recall correctly, the price is $9.99 ( sometimes the limited edition ones are around $10.99) Also, they are part of a BOGO sale. Yay! Even though Valentines is almost 2 months away, I'd pick them up soon. For sure to sell out quickly.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Purple with silver shatter

This is one of my favorite polish combos. These are from the Serena Williams Grand Slam collection. This particular set is the Grand Slam England. I LOVE this set! The best one in the collection and the most beautiful purple OPI has in my opinion. The set was released Spring 2011. It's one of six that were released Spring/Summer 2011 to celebrate the major tennis matches this year. Stores gave been sold out for ages, but you can still find them on e-tellers and eBay (of course). The two colors pictured are Grape...Set...Match! and silver shatter. I wish I had taken a picture of Grape to show the beautiful sparkle and slight doucheome. take my word for it, it's amazing!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gold and turquoise shatter

I got a limitless bored with colors lately and decided to mix it up a little. I have sooooo many polishes that I haven't used. I need to start using them ! For the base coat I used China Glaze GR8 from the amazing OMG! Line. Second coat for some extra zazz is Looks Like Rain, Dear from last years holiday collection from Sephora by OPI. Lastly, I used the turquoise shatter from OPI. This one is one of favorite shatter colors. It came out a little thick, but still gave a cool shatter effect.

GR8 with Looks Like Rain, Dear

Indoors with shatter


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Nicki Minaj OPI info and swatches

This time last year I was totally impatient for the Katie Perry OPI collection. Now, it's time for Nicki Minaj collection. The star of this collection for me is the purple shatter. I picked up the China Glaze purple shatter, but I really like the OPI shatter better. Plus purple is purple is purple to me:)  Collection is due out in Febuary and will be available at fine salons, Ulta and Trade Secret. Swatches were done by the lovley ladies over at Cutie-cles. Thanks ladies.

offical OPI pics-

Did It on Em, Fly, Metallic 4 Life,Save Me, Super Bass Purple Shatter and Pink Friday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I love these things! Especially now that its that time of year for clearance:) I picked up skinny jeans for only $2.47 at CVS the other day. They also have many slid colors available too. I could pass up the others though. (Love Letters and I Love Lacey)I was scared they would sell out before a good sale hit:( I also picked up the two Halloween ones at Ulta for $4.99. they last forever. and no mess. Takes about 5 mins to apply and not worries of smudging!

Skinny Jeans  

I Love Lacey

Love Letters
Hot Wired
Wish Nets

Spoilded swatches

I finally spotted the new Spoiled line by Wet n' Wild today at CVS. (It's right next to my house, almost there everyday lol). it was a little end cap hanger and was a couple aisles away from the makeup area. Only $1.99. They had a ton of colors to choose from. I only picked up two glitters though. I really like them. They arent to "glittery" and are easy to remove. Defiantly worth picking up. All  swatches are with 2 coats.
Trust Fund Baby (outdoors)
Trust Fund baby (indoors)
Shuffle the Deck (outdoors)
Shuffle the Deck (indoors)

CVS swatches

Oh boy. I can't tell you how much stuff I have gotten from CVS the past 2 weeks. There's still some left in most stores. So much amazing makeup and polish available at crazy prices! Anyways, here's a bunch of swatches from the polish haul.
All Fired Up
Hushed Blush
Demure (love this one)
Powder Puff (matte)
Peach Smoothie (smells like peach)
Sublime Strawberry (yummy scented strawberry)
Coconut Crush (nice pearl shine and smells like coconut)
Passion Fruit (nice fruit smell)
Mon Cherry (Love it! awesome red and a delicious cherry scent)
Gold Coin
Silver Screen
Steel-her Heart
Frankly Scarlett

More coming soon as soon as I get a chance.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polish Fetish: HUGE CVS clearance sale haul

Polish Fetish: HUGE CVS clearance sale haul: Hi ya! it's that time again! I LOVE drugstore clearance events. You can pick up so much good stuff for nothing. Fellow blogger, G from Nouve...

HUGE CVS clearance sale haul

Hi ya! it's that time again! I LOVE drugstore clearance events. You can pick up so much good stuff for nothing. Fellow blogger, G from Nouveau Cheap has posted a most helpful master list. Now, I only found 1 item in the stores that was listed on sale that was not when I got to the stores. Not her fault, I guess just a delayed mark down for CVS. Anyways, I decided to drop by the CVS next to my house last night just to browse any new holiday colors that may have come in. To my delight, I found a bunch of clearance polishes from Sally Hansen and Revlon. Once I got back home I noticed G's post and headed back out today. In total I visited 3 CVS and spent about $39. I saved $118! Now, as you guys may know that's pretty great. CVS has gotten kinda sucky with the sales when it come to polish. I'm getting ready to swatch ( seeing I cant get online for the Star Wars: The Old Republic!!), so pics will be up soon. They also had tons of makeup and beauty tools. Great time to stock up or create fun stockings for co-workers or teens.