Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pink Wednesday- CG QT

Boy oh boy am I glad it's Wednesday. Only for the pure reason inventory is over. Ahhhh, sleep I have missed you. It's not a hard thing, just long and tedious and everyone seems to act like they are the only one that is tired and act like babies. (more than usual) Anyways.....

I have a zazzy pink today. One of my favorites in my collection! QT from the beloved China Glaze OMG! collection. It's a great raspberry pink and has just a beautiful holo to it. I love this collection so much but I really don't want to use them to much in fear of running out and not being able to get it again. Another great thing about this line is that I noticed it has a really great dry time. My picture today really didnt pick up the amazing holo, but take my word for it, it's pretty stella.

It's almost 6 pm and I'm going to bed. Have a great night:)))

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