Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manglaze- Cabron

This is a super short post! Doing inventory at my job this week and been a very trying 13 hours. Forcing yourself to go to sleep at 8pm to get up at 4am is no fun. Anyways, the loom and gloom of inventory caused me to pick up a dark color out of my stash. I love the Manglaze line. I only have two now, but I'm hoping to get my hands on more soon. (I really NEED to get Fatty's Got More Blood and Fuck Off &Dye.) They dry great and matte. But unlike many other matte polishes, in the sunlight they have a amazing holo type shimmer to them. Love it! Cabron is, to me, a super dark purple. According to Manglaze it's a "Kinda Darth Smurfple". gotta love the wording! I do wish it wasn't so pricing but you can visit their Facebook, and you get 10% by ordering though them. Usually they run $13, but with the Facebook discount turns out to be $11.82. PLUS! Cabron, Matte is Murder and Fuggen Ugly are only $5.99.  Last thing, they always have wicked ass art work too:)

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