Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pink Wednesday NOTD

Hello everyone! I'm ever so proud of myself for posting so much in a row, lol. Just trying to get into the groove. Well today, I have OPI La Paz-itively Hot - matte layered  with OPI Sparkle-Iciouis. I ended up picking a couple OPI mattes on clearance last year at Ulta for about $5 each. I haven't used them at all until I realized  it was pink Wednesday. I really like this pink. It's a cool med/dark pink. I had to use two coats due to the wonky formula. it tending to apply streaky. Wanted to jazz it up with some sparkle and added Sparkle-Icious from OPI's Burlesque collection. Yet again, the pictures are not that great. I again decided to paint my nails before I got dressed for work and managed to mess them up. Go me!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NOTD- OPI What's with the cattitude?

Happy Tuesday ya'll. I was in abit of a rush today and decided on something fun and cherry. I picked this color mainly for the title. I've been dealing with A LOT of attitude at work the past couple of days. From employees and customers. Just been to much. I added the sparkle cheer of OPI Teenage Dream for fun. Pictures aren't the best. Like the genius I am, I painted my nails then got dressed for work. Smart huh. I love this soft blue. The only thing that is a draw back from the colors in the Shrek collection, is that the formula is a bit streaky. Once it dries it;s ok, but application is a bit wonky. Still a great fun, spring, cheery collection. I love Teenage Dream's sparkle. Nice sheer pink with multi size glitter. Very Katy Perry:)

Monday, May 28, 2012

China Glaze Bohemian collection

This looks like such a cool line. Due out fall 2012, China Glaze will be releasing a line of Luster Chrome polishes. They look soooo neat. Looks like we will have some dupes of more expensive or discontinued  polish like Chanel's Peridot. ( I have it. It's anything special. Might have to use in a giveaway.)China Glaze has really been on a streak with putting out so many unique and worth wild collections. Hopefully they will release in late July early August. Trans design already a picture posted on their site, so they will carrying it within a couple months hopefully

- Rare and Radiant
- Swanky Silk
- No Plain Jane
- Want My Bawdy
- Deviantly Daring

Happy Memorial Day!

Just a quick post to say hello and the wish you all a happy holiday. If you're stuck at work all day (yes 9 am to 10 pm) like me, I wish you the best of luck and you can enjoy your day. For those of you lucky ducks who were off, enjoy and be safe.  Let's remember why we celebrate today. Give thanks to all who have served in our armed forces.  Thank you so very much to all active ,non-active , and retired military personnel.

Also, happy birthday to my baby sister who's turning 18 today! (Man do I feel old!) 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial day caviar mani

This caviar mani trend is new to me but once I saw those adorable little bottles from Ciate in Sephora the other day, I knew I had to try it. Now, I'm not going to pay $25 for things I can find at the craft store. After checking the internet for instructions, looks like many others had the same idea. I visited my local craft store and picked up mini beads from the paper craft/scrap booking aisle. They came in single 3.2 oz bottles for $3.99 or 6 packs of .79 oz bottles for $6.99. I got both 6 packs they offered due to the but 1 get 1 50%. One had the bright colors and the other was more of a natural palette. So for around $11.50 you get sooooo many other choices verses 1 for $25. They also had flocking in 12 piece sets for $12.99. That many be the next trend I try out. (Yay for coupons. Micheals almost always has at least a 40% off regular price coupon out)

Back to the mani. It took no time. So easy to do. I gathered the colors I wanted and poured 1tsp each into a small glass bowl. I applied a base coat/ridge filler and China Glaze White Cap. After this, you must do one finger at a time. I added another coat of White Cap. Right after applying the second coat  I poured the bead mixture over my nail. press down to make sure they adhere to the polish. Warning! you will probably get "bead splatter" on your work surface, so get ready to vacuum:) Do this with every nail until complete. I let them stand for a couple minutes and then applied a top coat. I'm really happy with the turn out for my first try. There is a good chance you will loose some during the day, but something as delicate as this, it's expected. What a fun, and inexpensive way to celebrate the holidays or just any day.

Goodies I spotted at Bed Bath and Beyond

You never really know what you can find stores today. I was out and about this afternoon and decided to drop by Ulta to check for new items. No luck:(  Bed Bath Nd Beyond is next door, I spotted makeup brand signs from outside and went in not expecting much. Oh my! They carry all the major makeup brands along with some small ones I have never seen before. They had a couple of the new Maybelline collections including Exotic Escape and Porcelains with coupons still attached to the displays. Looking through everything, BB&B has really great prices compared to the drugstores and even discount stores. I also spotted a couple displays for some polish I have not seen anywhere else. Mini Orly bottles, not just three colors you might find at CVS but a whole 2 foot fixture with so many colors. The new Color Club magnetic polish's, 2 other CC displays, and  Sally Hansen magnetic polish s. Also, They had so much Color Club it was madding. Even Ulta dosen't carry it. Such a good find. Oh! And much to my shock and delight, I found Revvvolution! I almost fainted. Never have seen this in stores. Of course, every store will have a different assortment but it never hurts to go check it out:)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tales from the stash- OMG! vs Tronica

I've had to put myself on a buying freeze:( What's more important, Lights or polish? So, until I can pick up some new pretties, it's time to dig in the stash and showcase them to the world. The China Glaze OMG! collection is favorite of most bloggers and nail polish lovers that I had noticed. I missed this one when it came out and broke down and bought it off of ebay about 2 years or so ago. LOVE this collection. Every color is so pretty. Colors I would never find myself wearing, I would wear from this collection.

CG Tronica collection came out spring 2011 and was rumored to be a revamp of OMG!. Wrong wrong. It's more of a dull cousin of CG's  Kaleidoscope collection. Sadly, I don't own any from this collection, but hoping to get my hands on a couple soon.

OMG! and Tronica are both very pretty collections that have great formulas. OMG! is so very holographic and smooth looking. Tronica has a light holo effect and has a different texture. If you can get your hands on any pieces from the collection, do so. You won't be sorry. Any of these would be great additions to any collection.

I did some comparisons the other day ( about the only day we had some sunshine!) It's pretty pic heavy. What's your favorite??

OMG! on top Tronica on bottom-

OMG & Hologram

GR8 & Mega Bite

TTYL & Digital Dawn

TMI &3D Fantasy

BFF & Electra Magenta

DV8 & Techno Teal

IDK & Gamer Glam

FYI & Cyperspace

QT & Hyper Haute

2NITE & High Def

L8R G8R & Laser Lime

LOL & Virtual Violet

Sephora nail bling update

Took a couple days to be able to post this. My acrylics have grown and look pretty yucky I don't have the cash to get them done, so I decided to see if the nail bling would cover them and hoped they look good. I could not have asked for more. I first covered the tips pf my nails with black polish. Sizes on these pre-cut items never really fit my weird little fingers, so the black will cover any normally exposed nail. Then, all I had to do was pick my size, stick to nail, hold down for a couple seconds and file off the excess. Easy huh? Indeed. I was incorrect about these being clearance at Sephora. They are normally $7. Just a great deal for awesome and unique nails. I have SO many compliments on these. They old up excellent too. I'm really rough on my nails because of one of my jobs. Day 4 and I have only lost a couple dots.I must pick more of these guys. Only drawback for some would be is that I could not get all fingers the same colors. No biggie for me, I think its pretty cool. Wearing these makes feel like one the Misfits from Jem lol. If you dont have a Sephora near you, here's the link the order. Black rainbow is not available at the moment, but hopefully it will restock.Nail Bling:)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sephora Nail bling and HK

Happy Tuesday everyone! Oh so nice to have a chance to sit down and watch a Law and Order SVU marathon and blog. And no rain! I know we need it, but days and days of rain makes this girl depressed. Nice to have a sunny break. Anyways, back to the reason you all visit:) I picked up these two from Sephora about a month ago. Forgot I had them until I was cleaning up yesterday. I picked both up on clearance. I've always wanted some of the Hello Kitty stuff and I finally grabbed a bottle of Night Sparkle for $5. Sad they didnt have the other two clearance colors.It's a really pretty black with emerald green and gold micro glitter. Had a hard time picking up the glitter in the pictures.  Also picked up a package of the Sephora nail bling in black rainbow for $7. I was hesitant at first considering the poor experience I had with the chic prints. From my "swatch" experience, they seem great. I love the colors! I thought it was black transparent base with  the stones on top, but its a solid black. Seems to help make the colors pop even more. Night sparkle, along with many other colors from the colection are still available from Unfortunately, black rainbow is not online, but they have many others on the website. Hoping they have more next time I drop by the store.

HK polish, Nail Bling

Don't ya just LOVE the bottle!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nabi magnetic polish

Hi guys. wanted to show you the Nabi magnetic polishes. Found them at Walgreens about 2 months ago lol. Just forgot I had time to post them really. I think they are around $4.99. Beats the $8.99 or higher price tag most brands carry. They seem pretty ok. Worked with the CG magnets which is cool. The only draw back that I found, and noticed other bloggers say the same, is that it does have awful chemical smell. Once you get past that, not a bad product at all. They had soooooo many colors to choose from. Had to be at least 15 to 20!To easy to go crazy, but I was able to hold back and only get 2. Picked up cinnamon and wine. Cinnamon is a really pretty med foil pink and wine is a beautiful dark red with a light shimmer. Wine is one of those colors you would wear on those days when you are feeling vampy:) I found these in my hometown but have not seen them in my current city yet. I have seen them on ebay too if you don't have a Walgreens.

                                      been playing with watermarks on the pictures:)


Monday, May 7, 2012

Wet n Wild Be Jeweled swatches

I was very hesitant about posting the swatches to this collection. They are SO HARD to photograph. I noticed on other blogs the same issue so I decided to but these guys up. I finally found them spread around in different CVS in town. If you run across them, its a great collection to pick up. Yes they are very similar to the new CG prismatic collection. Just a bit thinner and not as glitter heavy. the $2.99 price tag makes them a winner in my book:)
Born into Privilege-green hue  
Bow in my Presence-blue hue
The Crown is Mine-med. purple hue
Speak when Spoken to-light purple hue
over OPI Ink
Oh! forgot I grabbed this little lovely too. Two reason I picked it up. 1-its purple! 2-the name is amazing! Back Alley Deals. Picked it up the most ghetto CVS ever!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Target beauty bag

Hey guys! Not about polish today, but wanted to share my free Target beauty bag:) I signed up for this through the Tatget site about a month and a half ago and finally got it 2 days ago. I had no idea what it contained and just couldn't wait to open it. I was a bit disappointed but hey, free is free right? The cosmetic bag is pretty cute and I need a new one. My poor Dickies one is worn out. All items are what I consider travel size. The kit included a small packet of L'oreal's new Magic Lumi light infusing primer, Simple cleaning facial wipes ( they are made for sensitive skin so that's pretty great), Nivea extended moisture lotion, Pantene Pro-V conditioner for fine hair( I have ├╝ber thick hair, not going to do me any good), Neutrogena fresh foaming face cleaner and, coupon booklet for beauty items. I'm going to try out the facial wipes tonight. Hopefully it's true to the sensitive skin claim. I'm most curious about the Magic Lumi ( I want to giggle every time, thats my boss's name:)). Sad to say, but not really sure what a luminizing primer will do especially for my sad aging skin. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Target may still have them available on the site. Goggle it and hopefully it will come up. Good luck!:)

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