Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chococat mani

Happy 4th everyone! I thought I would get away from the typical July 4th mani and try a second stab at nail art. G over at Nouveau Cheap inspired this mani. I saw her Little Twin Star inspired mani the other day. It was sooo cute. I love Sanrio. Huge Hello Kitty fan but I do adore dear Chococat. Little guy always seems to get overlooked. Of course the one color that I don't have is a khaki. Spent 2 hours trying to find one yesterday. Ended up picking up Revlon colorstay in Bare Bones. I also used pink, white and red Art Deco from L.A.Colors. Ebony Hates Chris from Wet N Wild , and Green Sketch nail art
from Milani. I don't see how you ladies get such beautiful nail art. Mine come out goofy and uneven but I'm still pretty impressed with the turnout. I'll try out some more Sanrio characters soon:) Don't forget my blog sale too. Plenty up for sale.

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