Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latest polish haul

Quick post tonight. Super tired! I had a birthday the other week and my friends did not fail me lol. Sally Gift card and polish. Oh and Hello Kitty:)

 The two polishes I received were from  Manglaze. New product to me that I just saw on the internet 2 weeks ago. I was excited when I opened the package! The two colors were Cabron and Matte is Murder (yay! The Smiths reference:)) Cabron is a awesome deep plum and Matte is Murder is nice soft to medium black. They dry amazing and, unlike other matte polish, have a beautiful holo shimmer to them. I added a top coat to both and it looks amazing, easy way to change up the style without all the work:) Cabron was a hard one to get the color one and I had a hard time getting the shimmer. But it is awesome. I'm really excited to pick up more colors from this brand.
Matte is Murder

I decided to pick up 2 presents for myself. Ended up grabbing Chanel Black Pearl and Fig from the Gap. This is my second Chanel color and I'm just not a fan. It always applies funky and the colors aren't really anything special. Also, a bit overpriced.  Might just use it as a giveaway prize along with my other color. Fig, applied smooth, had a pretty color pay off and was only $6. I do think it should be cheaper. More like $3.
Black pearl (middle)

Fig (middle)
Lastly, I was in Sally the other day grabbing some moose (which turns out to be horrible!)and grabbed up 2 of the CG metallic crackle polishes in Haute Metal and Latticed Lilac that were clearance for only $2.49 each and a CG magnetix. Only color they had was Cling On:( But hey, worth a try. Also, Sally has the magnet for free with the purchase of the polish, so really not a bad deal. The crackles are ok. Pretty color, great formula, but not really me. I liked the green of Cling On much better than expected and the designs came out pretty cool. Better than the same ol' striped design.
Latticed Lilac, haute Metal

Cling On
All in all, not a bad haul week. I'm sure I'll be going sally crazy with my gift card, so stay tuned:)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's mani fail

Been so busy lately I rushed this morning to get this done before work and tge green turned out great but my stamping , not so much. I font gave any gold polish, I must pick some up. ( knew I should have gotten that Bieber gold!) All I had was GR8 from the CG OMG! Collection. It's way to thin. So, I decided to slap some gold crackle on and it turned out pretty ok. Luckily I had picked up the Antiques Gold crackle when Sally Hansen first released it, so it was just hanging out in my polish bin waiting for me. Oh! My green is Wet n' Wild fast dry SaGreena the Teenage Witch. Love the names on that line! Such a beautiful green by itself. Happy and safe holiday to you all!:)

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

NOTD Rumples Wiggin

It's been so warm and beautiful this week , I really wanted something spring on my nails. I dug around and my giant nail storage and pulled out Rumple's Wiggin' from the OPI Shrek line. This line came out before I really got into polish, and I have never been a fan of pastel colors. But!, the more I got into my obsession and I saw these colors, the more it grew on me. I was able to grab these on clearance at Trade Secret and by chance at Ulta. Part of the attraction are the names. OPI does such a great job. If it was a god awful ugly color, I'd probably still buy it is it had a catchy or fun name. Anyways, this is a great spring cot. Lovely lavender cream. 2 coats does the job just fine and dries beautifully. To spice it up, I added Luxe and Lush from CG's new Hunger Games collection. It's really only the color that grabbed me. I don't have any flakies, so it's a much needed addition. I love the opal look of the flakes and it complements this pastel shade. I was so hard to get a good picture though:( much prettier in person.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zoya buy 3 get 3 free

Hello there:) Just a couple deal alerts today. Just checked my email and Zoya is running a awesome promotion for buy 3, get 3 free! All you need to do is
visit the website, add at least 6 polishes to your cart, type in SPRING3 in the coupon code section and finish order. Deal is only good until the wend of today. ( Wednesday , march 14, 2012) go grab those spring/summer shades! Also, I was in Sally the other day and they have all CG polish 2 for $10 (except Magnetix and Hunger Games) Hunger Games rang up 5.99 I believe, but I do have a Sally Card. Lastly, Sally has a promo with the Magnetix . Free magnet set with purchase of polish. My store only has the green but I figured why not. All Sally deals are until March 31, and are the website too. If you spot any good beauty deals, let me know!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Magnetic polish infomercial

I knew it was only a matter of time before we would have either crackle or magnetic polish offered to us on tv, and here it is. Just saw the commercial and has to share. Mystic manicure can be yours for only 19.99 plus s&h. You'll get two colors, grey and rose. But wait! Call now and you can find out how to receive two more colors, gold and blue ( probably another $20) The product seems ok, but if I was going to pay that kind of money, I'd stay with Nails Inc or China Glaze.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shany 2012 25 piece review

I have seen so many cool designs made with stamp plates and I just couldn't wait anymore! Sad to say, I haven't been able to find them in any stores here so I checked them out on eBay and Amazon. Lucky me, I had some rewards points I could use on Amazon and decided to pick up a set. I think they were about $13.99. I signed up for the trail of Amazon Prime and got free 2 day shipping. Cool mail played and all for free. You can't ask for anything better!:) I read a lot of reviews about how hard it was to remove the blue plastic from the plates, but I had no trouble at all. Most of the designs are a good size and the couple I have used are good quality. I like the unique designs and the everyday ones. My only disappointment was with the Hello Kitty design and the cheetah design. The HK was lame! Looks just like a regular cat. The cheetah was cool but the spots are a little to small for my taste. They would work better for designs if it were bigger. Overall these are a great buy, especially for beginners.
pictures to come.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Playing around with Shany plates

Hello there! Haven't blogged to often. Just been crazy busy. But I have been playing around with my new Shany plates. I grabbed them off of Amazon for free because I had reward points from my Amazon card. So for free , why not:) The first pic is Nicole for OPI Prized Possession Purple from the Justin Bieber line with Sally Hansen Lime Time. Plate 22. It's supposed to be zebra stripes, but it kinda looks like grass lol. Either way, pretty cool for my first attempt. Second I have China Glaze Pelican Grey w/ CH Hey Salior! from the Anchors Away collection. Was shooting for a hipster look but it's still cute. ( I love the squirrel !) plates used , 9, 10, 12,& 13. Though I'm not super excited about the patterns on the plates, I look forward to messing around with them more.

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