Thursday, May 3, 2012

Target beauty bag

Hey guys! Not about polish today, but wanted to share my free Target beauty bag:) I signed up for this through the Tatget site about a month and a half ago and finally got it 2 days ago. I had no idea what it contained and just couldn't wait to open it. I was a bit disappointed but hey, free is free right? The cosmetic bag is pretty cute and I need a new one. My poor Dickies one is worn out. All items are what I consider travel size. The kit included a small packet of L'oreal's new Magic Lumi light infusing primer, Simple cleaning facial wipes ( they are made for sensitive skin so that's pretty great), Nivea extended moisture lotion, Pantene Pro-V conditioner for fine hair( I have ├╝ber thick hair, not going to do me any good), Neutrogena fresh foaming face cleaner and, coupon booklet for beauty items. I'm going to try out the facial wipes tonight. Hopefully it's true to the sensitive skin claim. I'm most curious about the Magic Lumi ( I want to giggle every time, thats my boss's name:)). Sad to say, but not really sure what a luminizing primer will do especially for my sad aging skin. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Target may still have them available on the site. Goggle it and hopefully it will come up. Good luck!:)

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