Saturday, May 26, 2012

Goodies I spotted at Bed Bath and Beyond

You never really know what you can find stores today. I was out and about this afternoon and decided to drop by Ulta to check for new items. No luck:(  Bed Bath Nd Beyond is next door, I spotted makeup brand signs from outside and went in not expecting much. Oh my! They carry all the major makeup brands along with some small ones I have never seen before. They had a couple of the new Maybelline collections including Exotic Escape and Porcelains with coupons still attached to the displays. Looking through everything, BB&B has really great prices compared to the drugstores and even discount stores. I also spotted a couple displays for some polish I have not seen anywhere else. Mini Orly bottles, not just three colors you might find at CVS but a whole 2 foot fixture with so many colors. The new Color Club magnetic polish's, 2 other CC displays, and  Sally Hansen magnetic polish s. Also, They had so much Color Club it was madding. Even Ulta dosen't carry it. Such a good find. Oh! And much to my shock and delight, I found Revvvolution! I almost fainted. Never have seen this in stores. Of course, every store will have a different assortment but it never hurts to go check it out:)

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