Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial day caviar mani

This caviar mani trend is new to me but once I saw those adorable little bottles from Ciate in Sephora the other day, I knew I had to try it. Now, I'm not going to pay $25 for things I can find at the craft store. After checking the internet for instructions, looks like many others had the same idea. I visited my local craft store and picked up mini beads from the paper craft/scrap booking aisle. They came in single 3.2 oz bottles for $3.99 or 6 packs of .79 oz bottles for $6.99. I got both 6 packs they offered due to the but 1 get 1 50%. One had the bright colors and the other was more of a natural palette. So for around $11.50 you get sooooo many other choices verses 1 for $25. They also had flocking in 12 piece sets for $12.99. That many be the next trend I try out. (Yay for coupons. Micheals almost always has at least a 40% off regular price coupon out)

Back to the mani. It took no time. So easy to do. I gathered the colors I wanted and poured 1tsp each into a small glass bowl. I applied a base coat/ridge filler and China Glaze White Cap. After this, you must do one finger at a time. I added another coat of White Cap. Right after applying the second coat  I poured the bead mixture over my nail. press down to make sure they adhere to the polish. Warning! you will probably get "bead splatter" on your work surface, so get ready to vacuum:) Do this with every nail until complete. I let them stand for a couple minutes and then applied a top coat. I'm really happy with the turn out for my first try. There is a good chance you will loose some during the day, but something as delicate as this, it's expected. What a fun, and inexpensive way to celebrate the holidays or just any day.

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