Monday, May 21, 2012

Tales from the stash- OMG! vs Tronica

I've had to put myself on a buying freeze:( What's more important, Lights or polish? So, until I can pick up some new pretties, it's time to dig in the stash and showcase them to the world. The China Glaze OMG! collection is favorite of most bloggers and nail polish lovers that I had noticed. I missed this one when it came out and broke down and bought it off of ebay about 2 years or so ago. LOVE this collection. Every color is so pretty. Colors I would never find myself wearing, I would wear from this collection.

CG Tronica collection came out spring 2011 and was rumored to be a revamp of OMG!. Wrong wrong. It's more of a dull cousin of CG's  Kaleidoscope collection. Sadly, I don't own any from this collection, but hoping to get my hands on a couple soon.

OMG! and Tronica are both very pretty collections that have great formulas. OMG! is so very holographic and smooth looking. Tronica has a light holo effect and has a different texture. If you can get your hands on any pieces from the collection, do so. You won't be sorry. Any of these would be great additions to any collection.

I did some comparisons the other day ( about the only day we had some sunshine!) It's pretty pic heavy. What's your favorite??

OMG! on top Tronica on bottom-

OMG & Hologram

GR8 & Mega Bite

TTYL & Digital Dawn

TMI &3D Fantasy

BFF & Electra Magenta

DV8 & Techno Teal

IDK & Gamer Glam

FYI & Cyperspace

QT & Hyper Haute

2NITE & High Def

L8R G8R & Laser Lime

LOL & Virtual Violet

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