Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sally Hansen Rock of Ages, Wet n Wild Chrome and many more

I was on my weekly drugstore cruise and spotted soooooo much good stuff at my nearest CVS and the Rite Aid across town. Sad to say not many great sales though. Hoping I can pick up some coupons or that there will be better on next week. On to the pictures. Warning- it's super picture heavy!

Sally Hansen salon effects  Rock of Ages- $10.49 AND NOW bogo 50% at CVS

Sally Hansen salon effects pedicure-$9.99 and part of bogo 50% at CVS


Strike a Posie


Snake, Rattle and Roll

Pink Boa

Rite Aid finds-

  Avril Lavigne LE Sally Hansen salon Effects-

these are supposed to be a rainbow leopard print, but both boxes display were only and blue green color.


  1. Hi Leia! Great post, makes me wish we still had Rite Aid here! I nominated you on my blog for the Versitle Blogger Award: So excited! :D

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  3. aww thanks guys. following you too