Monday, May 21, 2012

Sephora nail bling update

Took a couple days to be able to post this. My acrylics have grown and look pretty yucky I don't have the cash to get them done, so I decided to see if the nail bling would cover them and hoped they look good. I could not have asked for more. I first covered the tips pf my nails with black polish. Sizes on these pre-cut items never really fit my weird little fingers, so the black will cover any normally exposed nail. Then, all I had to do was pick my size, stick to nail, hold down for a couple seconds and file off the excess. Easy huh? Indeed. I was incorrect about these being clearance at Sephora. They are normally $7. Just a great deal for awesome and unique nails. I have SO many compliments on these. They old up excellent too. I'm really rough on my nails because of one of my jobs. Day 4 and I have only lost a couple dots.I must pick more of these guys. Only drawback for some would be is that I could not get all fingers the same colors. No biggie for me, I think its pretty cool. Wearing these makes feel like one the Misfits from Jem lol. If you dont have a Sephora near you, here's the link the order. Black rainbow is not available at the moment, but hopefully it will restock.Nail Bling:)

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