Monday, May 7, 2012

Wet n Wild Be Jeweled swatches

I was very hesitant about posting the swatches to this collection. They are SO HARD to photograph. I noticed on other blogs the same issue so I decided to but these guys up. I finally found them spread around in different CVS in town. If you run across them, its a great collection to pick up. Yes they are very similar to the new CG prismatic collection. Just a bit thinner and not as glitter heavy. the $2.99 price tag makes them a winner in my book:)
Born into Privilege-green hue  
Bow in my Presence-blue hue
The Crown is Mine-med. purple hue
Speak when Spoken to-light purple hue
over OPI Ink
Oh! forgot I grabbed this little lovely too. Two reason I picked it up. 1-its purple! 2-the name is amazing! Back Alley Deals. Picked it up the most ghetto CVS ever!

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