Sunday, January 6, 2013

Modern Family polish collection

I'm super excited for the new Nicole by OPI Modern Family collection! I read a article about it early last week and was surprised honestly. At first I laughed, but of course being a big fan of the show and a huge nail polish nerd, I knew I needed this collection. Somewhat lucky for me, I visited my local Target the next day to pick up some things and there I saw the display. I quickly ran to it and stared snapping away. I only bought 3 colors that really grabbed me and I knew they sell out quick. Candid Cameron, Back in My Gloria Days..., and A Phil's Paradise. Sadly, my Target assent carrying all the coalescing I'm sure we will see these popping up soon at local department and drug stores. Target is selling these for $7.04 , which saves you a little verses the normal $7.99. Which colors are you super excited for???

Am I Making Myself Claire?

I Do De- Claire!

Haley Good Lookin'

Basking in Gloria

Luke of the Draw

A Phil' s Paradise

Candid Cameron

Back in My Gloria Days.....

What's The Mitch-uation?
Ones not being carried at my local Target-

She's Lily Something

My Jay or the Highway

Alex By the Books

Stand By Your Manny

A Like- Haley Story

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