Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latest polish haul

Quick post tonight. Super tired! I had a birthday the other week and my friends did not fail me lol. Sally Gift card and polish. Oh and Hello Kitty:)

 The two polishes I received were from  Manglaze. New product to me that I just saw on the internet 2 weeks ago. I was excited when I opened the package! The two colors were Cabron and Matte is Murder (yay! The Smiths reference:)) Cabron is a awesome deep plum and Matte is Murder is nice soft to medium black. They dry amazing and, unlike other matte polish, have a beautiful holo shimmer to them. I added a top coat to both and it looks amazing, easy way to change up the style without all the work:) Cabron was a hard one to get the color one and I had a hard time getting the shimmer. But it is awesome. I'm really excited to pick up more colors from this brand.
Matte is Murder

I decided to pick up 2 presents for myself. Ended up grabbing Chanel Black Pearl and Fig from the Gap. This is my second Chanel color and I'm just not a fan. It always applies funky and the colors aren't really anything special. Also, a bit overpriced.  Might just use it as a giveaway prize along with my other color. Fig, applied smooth, had a pretty color pay off and was only $6. I do think it should be cheaper. More like $3.
Black pearl (middle)

Fig (middle)
Lastly, I was in Sally the other day grabbing some moose (which turns out to be horrible!)and grabbed up 2 of the CG metallic crackle polishes in Haute Metal and Latticed Lilac that were clearance for only $2.49 each and a CG magnetix. Only color they had was Cling On:( But hey, worth a try. Also, Sally has the magnet for free with the purchase of the polish, so really not a bad deal. The crackles are ok. Pretty color, great formula, but not really me. I liked the green of Cling On much better than expected and the designs came out pretty cool. Better than the same ol' striped design.
Latticed Lilac, haute Metal

Cling On
All in all, not a bad haul week. I'm sure I'll be going sally crazy with my gift card, so stay tuned:)

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