Monday, September 17, 2012

Coterie Butter London haul

Happy Monday ladies! So excited to share my Coterie haul with you today! I'm a stinker and signed up for a Coterie account and got a friend to sign up for one too. And being the lovely person she is, she ordered the Butter London 3 piece for me too. All together I got 6 Butter London polishes and two matte coats ( they didn't have the top coat available when we ordered:)) for only $22. OMG! We ordered on Wednesday afternoon and I received mine on Friday and she received hers today, Monday. Fastest free shipping I've ever seen. The colors are even prettier in person than any online swatches I have seen. My swatches came out a bit fuzzy and it was super cloudy by the time I got home. But trust me, these are beautiful colors! I really hope you guys got a chance to sign up. he website went live to today and i still see the advertisment for the Butter London set. Go grab it while supplies last.



All hail The Queen

Pillar Box Red


Wend End Wonderland

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  1. Very pretty! I can't wait for mine to come! I ordered when they had the regular topcoat. Couldn't pass all that up for $11!