Tuesday, April 3, 2012

T.J. Maxx polish deals

I was just wasting time the other day a dropped T.J. Maxx to check out any polish they may have received. Lucky me, they had a ton. They had OPI Texas little shooters for $7.99, a Essie 4
pack. Wedding colors for $9.99 and a TON of Nicole duo's. Usually the duo's are from collections and these were from the Justin Bieber line for $7.99. I'm not a Bieber fan , even though Baby is one infectious song, but his line so neat. They had some from the US line but mainly from the exclusive Canada line. The ones I remover off hand are Somebody Teal Love, Canadian Star, I Pink I Love Him, My Favorite Gold, Denim to Earth, Fuchsia Wife, and Top of My World. The US ones were Make you Smile,one of my favorites Me + Blue , One Time Lime andPrized Possession Purple, another favorite. I really hope they still have them when payday rolls around. Always drop by your local discount stores, never know what you will find:) Oh, couldnt get to many pictures, the employees were looking at me like I was crazy.

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