Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Wild n Wild megalast

I dropped by Walgreens the other night and spotted the new megalast line on a end cap hanger. Makes sense why CVS had them on clearance. The colors are the same as before with the exception of some spring colors. Also, the bottles are now .45 fl oz, not .30 fl oz and now have a new brush called a ManiCurve pro brush. It reminds me of the OPI brushes. I ended up grabbing 3 colors, I Need a Refresh-Mint, Bite the Bullet and On a Trip. I've always like this line. It's cheap, easy to find, tons of colors to choose from and last for a decent amount of time. Still $1.99, Wet n Wild is still proving you can be stylish on a budget with a quality product.

I Need a Refresh-Mint, On a Trip and Bite the Bullet.

I Need a Refresh-Mint

On a Trip

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