Sunday, June 17, 2012

Huge Sally Haul

Hello lovlies. I made dropped by Sally today to check out the sale on Manic Panic (btw, it's $2 off) and noticed a huge amount of clearance in the front of the store. I spotted the dark green CG magnetix and a couple Finger Paints sets and decided to pass. But When I was walking out I noticed all the older collections were no longer were on display and they only had out the Summer neon's and glitter crackle CG lines. I peeked into the bins in the front and hit the mother load! I found a bunch of Colors from the Capital line along with  a couple from the Metro collection and Prismatic! I ended up grabbing 6 of the CC colors that I didn't have. Also grabbed  all 4 colors from the Dark Shadows collection from Orly  and Faint of Heart from the Cool Romance collection. They didn't have any stickers on them so I braced myself for a $4.99 price tag and having to put all of them back. I asked the clerk at the counter how much they were and was told $1.50 for the CG ones and $2.00 for the Orly. Sold!!!!! I ended up getting 11 polishes for only $20 and some change. I was hoping to find some of the Electopop colors but there were none left. I texted my sister in who lives in another city for her check on some colors. Keeping my fingers crossed that they have them and are $1.50. Go tomorrow if you can before all are snatched up.

Grave Mistake (more of a dark red)
Mysterious Curse
Buried Alive
Decades of Dysfunction
Faint of Heart
Harvest Moon
Hook and line
Dress me Up
Fast Track

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  1. awesome haul! and for 20 dollars you bought 11 named brand polishes that is deff a win!