Saturday, June 2, 2012

butter LONDON- The Black Knight.

Can you hear the choir of angels singing???? Well I did (and exclaimed "Holy Shit, you have to be kidding me" in the middle of Ulta) while I was just roaming around Ulta yesterday. I originally came in to see what I could pick up for a Queen Elizabeth mani for her diamond jubilee. That idea had me at the butter LONDON display. I looked through though the colors, and decided to pick up All Hail the Queen until I double checked the colors and saw the rare little beauty in the back. I couldn't believe it! This little guy has been sold out since December on the bL site and heaven knows I will not pay $25 and up for it on ebay. I wonder if Ulta will be carrying this in regular stock now since it was such a good seller. I rushed home and applied it immediately. So beautiful. The multi glitter is sooooo pretty. I keep finding myself just staring at it in the sun. If you missed the dressing table duo at Christmas time, check your local Ulta (or the just started carrying it too ).

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