Friday, November 9, 2012

Two lovely OPI Skyfall polishes

I've been a fan of the James Bond movies since I was a kid. I about lost it when I saw the press release for the Skyfall collection a couple months ago. I finally got a chance to go by Ulta and check them out. Of course they were out of most of the colors but I luckily picked up the Bondettes 4 piece set and the last On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Since I didn't have Skyfall, and I still wanted to celebrate the movies US open today, I went with The Spy That Loved me and Goldeneye as a accent. Both came from the Bondettes set. They are just beautiful! I wasn't to sure about them looking at the box, but I was won over. Spy has beautiful micro red and gold shimmer in it that didn't quite pick up to great on the picture. It's so pretty! I've never been a big fan of gold polish but Goldeneye is amazing. You can layer it to get a heavy gold look and still have a nice smooth finish. I highly advise everyone to pick up the minis. You will not be disappointed!

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