Thursday, December 15, 2011

HUGE CVS clearance sale haul

Hi ya! it's that time again! I LOVE drugstore clearance events. You can pick up so much good stuff for nothing. Fellow blogger, G from Nouveau Cheap has posted a most helpful master list. Now, I only found 1 item in the stores that was listed on sale that was not when I got to the stores. Not her fault, I guess just a delayed mark down for CVS. Anyways, I decided to drop by the CVS next to my house last night just to browse any new holiday colors that may have come in. To my delight, I found a bunch of clearance polishes from Sally Hansen and Revlon. Once I got back home I noticed G's post and headed back out today. In total I visited 3 CVS and spent about $39. I saved $118! Now, as you guys may know that's pretty great. CVS has gotten kinda sucky with the sales when it come to polish. I'm getting ready to swatch ( seeing I cant get online for the Star Wars: The Old Republic!!), so pics will be up soon. They also had tons of makeup and beauty tools. Great time to stock up or create fun stockings for co-workers or teens.

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