Friday, October 19, 2012

Catch up post!

I wanted to post a couple pics of manis and a mini haul that picked up today. I always have the intention of posting daily but with my new job I'm driving 3 hours a day and working 10 hours. It's wearing me out real quick. Anyways my first was a kinda Halloween mani with some striping tape I got off eBay. It's the first time I had ever used striping tape and it was fairly simple. I used Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers purple potion and orange, green and purple tape.
The second is the all time favorite SH nail striped in Fishnets. I picked this one and another at Five Below for $3 rack a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if they were not stored properly or what but these sucked! They broke or didn't peel right. I finally pieced some together to get them to look hall decent. I'm hoping the other cot doesn't do the same.
Lastley, I was doing my normal rounds of town checking out new polish and when I stopped at Walgreens, I was pleasantly surprised to see the SH complete salon manicure polishes were on clearance for $1.89!! Most of the colors were gone, but I did manage to grab a couple cool ones. Grey on Grey, Midnight in NY and, Cherry, Cherry, Boom, Boom. I also stopped by the locally owed beauty supply shop. Sadly, they didn't have much for polish and I only got 3 and some silk wraps (really interested in see how they will work) Kleancolor Black Hole, Ruby Kisses Yellow Bikini and Red Romance. I really need to change my Fishnets mani! Going to try a Halloween marble next! Have a great weekend guys.

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